You think you've experienced the coolest things ever. Well, before all the coolest things ever, there was the very first cool thing.

And that very first cool thing ever was a guy named James Dean. Before the Beatles, before Elvis, there was James Dean, the guy every guy wanted to be, and the guy every girl just...wanted.

Before going out in the proverbial 'blaze of glory' Dean left a mark on the entertainment world with just three roles in three movies, 'East of Eden', 'Giant' and perhaps his most memorable role as the troubled teen Jim Stark in 'Rebel Without A Cause'. The 1955 classic can still be seen on TCM and other classic movie channels, and is always in the list of Greatest Movies Ever.

Released just a month after Dean's death at the age of 24, it remains the image that people through the generations have of the iconic actor.

And that red jacket. That famous red jacket.

Now, it can be yours. But it's going to cost you.

That cherry-red jacket Dean wore in 'Rebel Without A Cause' will be auctioned off in Florida on Saturday (March 3) by Palm Beach Modern Auctions. And while the jacket may not be quite as famous as Dorothy's Ruby Slippers, it won't come cheap.

Estimates are the jacket will fetch somewhere between $400,000 and $600,000. Hmm, bring your checkbook.

So if you missed out of Marilyn Monroe's dress or Michael Jackson's glove, here's your next chance at Hollywood history. You can check out Dean wearing the jacket in the 'Rebel Without A Cause' movie trailer below.

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