I saw a blip about it, then I forgot about it. Then the blip showed up again. Flooding in Lyman County in South Dakota.

I keep a pretty close eye on news items. And I keep a pretty close eye on the weather. So when I saw the news, Flooding in Lyman County in South Dakota, it caught my eye.

According to Keloland.com

Flooding in Lyman County is making roads difficult to maneuver Monday night.

The rest of the state is still pretty dry. If you ask anyone in agriculture almost anywhere in South Dakota and they'll tell you. We're dry and praying for moisture. So when I heard of the blip again, I thought I better check.

You know it's possible. If you remember several years ago, Sioux Falls sat smack dab under a storm that wouldn't move. It just kept raining in that one area. So, it can and does happen. Still I wondered.

I messaged my sister Crystal. I knew she was probably up getting ready for work with Shawn and Nancy on in the background. Sure enough, I got a reply. It's a pretty good small town reply.

She said,

The rain just kept coming. From the pics it looks like a stock dam overflowed into a draw then across the road. Just southeast of Kennebec.

From what I heard it was just north of Cliff Halverson's Lodge.

She went on to say, Doug and Kate Halverson couldn't get out of their yard.

No tragedies but Doug couldn't come to town for coffee.

As I write this post I can't help thinking, 'I kind of miss small town living.' And some of the small town news that goes along with it.

According to the Lyman County Facebook Page, the waters have subsided and roads are open again.

Pic from Lyman County Sheriff's Office