I love getting back to my hometown of Kennebec.  Especially when I can include a short get together with my mom and other family members back home.

My friends John and Andy have been making the trip to Kennebec for a couple of years and this year we were joined on our hunt by Richard and Dave.  Andy brought along Wes who's a crack shot plus we had a couple of dogs so we were ready to roll.

We started up on Grouse Creek where my brother farms.  As we were getting our gear on we could see pheasants pouring out into the cut milo.  When we saw that we knew were were going to be in for a long day that would include a lot of walking.

After we picked up a couple of birds at "grouse" we moved up to another piece of ground my brother Carl farms.  It was a huge field.  1/2 mile by a mile and a half.  That field was filled with food plots and a pretty good number of birds as well.

We finished the day at a dam along the highway that was surrounded by a food plot.  More birds ran out that we were able to get at.  All in all, we had a pretty good day and were just a few birds short of the limit for the day.  But we walked.  And we walked.

Last year and the year before were the best years for pheasants I have ever seen.  2 and three years ago were probably the peak.  The drought this year along with a lot of coyotes seem to have put things back into perspective.  Here's the deal.  If you're gonna go pheasant hunting,  you're going to be on the move and really hunting instead of standing around and talking.

We joined up with Dave and Richard on our hunt.  They are from Washington and had brought some smoked salmon along.  My mom and I had some of that treat last night before I came back.

I'm on vacation-sort of-now for a couple of weeks.  I have the Galaxy S 3 from Sprint in Sioux Falls that I'll be taking on all my trips.  I plan to blog about hunting for the next couple of weeks.

Please send us pictures of your hunt.  We're working with Manley Tire and Oil again this year and we'll have great prizes for you to win.  Post your pictures from your hunt to our Facebook at KIKN Country.

We can't wait to hear how you did out in the field.  Hunt safe...Shoot Strait!

By the way.  If you want to get on birds (you might have to work to get them) give my brother Carl a call.  605.295.0805.