The Mount Rushmore State sure does have some names that are tough for visitors to pronounce. Here are five of the most difficult.

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  1. Pierre: Not only is Pierre undoubtedly one of the most mispronounced towns in the state, but it's also almost certainly the most mispronounced state capital of all 50 U.S. states. What even comes close? Maybe Montpelier, Vermont? Juneau, Alaska? Pronunciation: "Pier"
  2. Flandreau: This is another one out of staters have trouble with. It was named after a judge in the area, Charles Eugene Flandrau, who was a local hero after negotiating a series of compromises with indigenous tribes in the area and saving the town of New Ulm from conflict. Pronunciation: "Flan Drew"
  3. Belle Fourche: If you've never heard of Belle Fourche, the chances of you pronouncing this far-western South Dakotan town are slim to none. The name of the town means "Beautiful Fork" in the French language. Pronunciation: "Belle Foosh"
  4. Vienna: This tiny town located in Clarke county only has a population of 45 people, but it's named after one of the largest and most influential cities in all of Europe, Vienna, Austria. However, the pronunciation is different in South Dakota. Pronunciation: "Vai-EH-nuh"
  5. Athol: Located in Spink County and originally named Myrtle City. The town was renamed in 1881 after James Murray, second Duke of Atholl, Scotland. Population: 67. Pronunciation: "At-hole"Not being a South Dakota native myself, I have to admit, I had trouble pronouncing most of these before I moved here. But that's what makes small towns unique. They have their own take on things.

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