The beautiful thing about my throw and go chili,  is even a college kid can knock it out of the park.  My son who is home from college is doing it right now!  Here's how we roll!

  1. Mix it up.  I mean literally  Want some Italian pork sausage in it?  Brown it up.  Venison?  That'll work.  Personally I like about 2 parts spicy Italian with 1 part turkey or burger.
  2. Brown it and dump it in a big pot with one can of Mrs. Grimes Chili Beans. They come in a load of flavors.  Again, mix it up.  Mix your beans and your burger.
  3. Green peppers, onions, heck whatever's in the fridge that looks like you can sneak past the family, Dump it in!  (peppers, onions, garlic, cut up dill pickles) all rules are off!
  4. Stir it up, maybe pour in a little tomato juice (if you have some) and simmer it.
  5. Most important?  Boil up a little whole wheat pasta and put a handful in the bottom of the bowl.  Pour the chili over it, sprinkle with some cheese (or put a little ranch dressing on the top) Crack a beer open and enjoy.

Recipes and directions are for church fundraiser cook-books and franchise drive thrus.   I say fire up the stove.  Turn up your self confidence and keep stirring and tasting till it's done!

Now you know how we roll when I make chili?  We have a pot on the stove.  You coming over?