What was your first summertime job? Recently,  I asked the question on our Facebook page the other day and some of the responses took me back in time and had me remembering my first job and jobs that other friends had.

First summertime jobs were cool. You had the opportunity to discuss 'what you were doing,' and how 'hard or easy it was.' It was and is a chance for young people to talk like they would talk later in life when they visit with friends and strangers. Here are a couple of posts people responded with;

Marilyn Plamp-Hohn I grew up on a farm worked in fields before school plus milking cows and other chores First job a doing dishes at The restaurant at highway 16 gas station and restaurant and babysit for 5 kids also.

Some people found out early in life, whether or not they were handy!

Dan Varns Worked at a mobile home sales lot doing general maintenance of the property.

Looking at the list, others jumped at the chance to make a little spending cash, for things they wanted and learned firsthand what 'manual labor' was all about;

Keith Hofer Picking rocks, baling hay, cultivation, shoveling manure, whatever! Made me strong, and provided cash for beer and motorcycles! <smile >

As I looked through the posts, I couldn't help but think, first summertime jobs were also a chance to 'preview who you were, and how you perceived the world. For instance, Judy said;

Judy Ommen-Hartman I grew up on a farm as well. My first job was working at Good Samaritan nursing home in Corsica. I really enjoyed working there and a bonus was my Grandma was a resident there so I was able to see her every time I worked.

My sister Crystal mentioned working as a waitress at Gerry's Cafe in Kennebec and fond memories of co-workers like Kathy.

The first summer job I remember was turning over bales. I'm not sure I got paid, but I remember my Dad taking me to the top of the hill and telling me to 'go out there and turn over those bales.' He had a pasture full of small round bales [remember those?] and was late getting them picked up. He wanted me to turn them to keep them from spoiling on the bottom part of the bale. I still remember getting out of the pickup with my water jug in tow.

My first official job was working at The Twister in Kennebec. It was a little ice cream shop. I still remember my Mom making sure I knew how to count back change to customers. Judd was probably one of our customers!

Judd Huston I didn’t know you worked at the Twister Drive Inn. Maybe it was you that shorted me on my 🍟 fries, ha ha. My first job was tilling gardens around Kennebec

Alan Jackson said You learn a lot about livin, and a little bout life with your first summertime job and you don't have to live along the Chattahoochee either. Thank you for sharing this story with your friends, and next time you see them ask. Hey, what was your first summertime job?

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