We've all heard of jobs where you work 'four-tens' or four 10 hour workdays.

Finland says "aww, that's cute" and has come up with a different take on the four day work week.

They are introducing a FOUR-DAY work week and SIX-HOUR days under a massive reform by the world’s youngest Prime Minister, Sanna Marin.

The 34-year-old's reform will let workers spend more time with family and enjoy their lives and hobbies.

This follows a 2015 Swedish study that found working only six hours a day increased productivity. Employees were happier, wealthier and more productive.

In November, Microsoft Japan introduced a three-day weekend for employees and productivity went up by almost 40 percent.

It should be noted that Finland's GDP, or gross domestic product, the total value of goods and services they produce, is around $257 billion.

By comparison, the GDP of the state is Minnesota is about $296 billion.

Just let that sink in...

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