Periodically, Sioux Falls Police will see if alcohol retailers are playing by the rules. The trends show that for the most part they are.

On Wednesday February 18, the Department conducted an alcohol compliance check of 26 off sale businesses in Sioux Falls. All 26 businesses passed with flying colors.

Police Information Officer Sam Clemens says since May of 2014 through this past check completed Wednesday, over 260 businesses were surveyed and only four businesses failed. That is a success rate of almost 99 percent. The last reported non-compliance came in October of 2014.

The reason for such measures is for protecting the young people of our community.  In a press release, the Sioux Falls Police Department stated that the practice of conducting random alcohol compliance checks will continue.

An underage person goes undercover and attempts to make a purchase without proper identification. If the business is non-compliant, it could lead to fines and a potential loss of the ability to sell alcohol altogether.