The other night one of my sons asked me if I thought it would be cool to have a flag pole for the front of the house. I'm not sure what I had on my mind at the time, but I kind of blew it off saying something like, no I don't think I'd want one. Not two days later while out for an early morning run I noticed a properly lit flag pole in the neighborhood. It looked great.

I can't help but wonder how many gift ideas we as Dads and Moms potentially blow off during the year. You know. The questions family members might shoot us here or there phishing for gift ideas.

Do you ask subliminal questions trying to figure out if something might or might not be a good gift idea? I think we all do. Thing is, a purchase could be in the works already. Case and point, what If the flag pole was already purchased and hidden in the garage? What if the phisher for great gift ideas gets frustrated and then heads out to buy socks and underwear.

I appreciate Mothers Day and Fathers Day, as well as birthdays and Christmas, but all the gift securing and giveaway execution can be a bit overwhelming to me.  Here's my suggestion.

Everyone in your household could have a gift registration. You know, like they have a Target or some of the stores for weddings. Then, the other people who might want to buy a gift for someone in the household could look the list over and make a purchase. If money is tight the list could be small favors that loved ones could supply. Mowing the lawn. Washing dishes or a surprise cleaning of a room or help around the house.

Then, we could all go look at the list in private and internalize thoughts like, why on earth would they like that, That's too expensive or That's perfect I'll buy it. NOW! 

JD Collins is a frustrated gift buyer. To sympathize with JD or to offer gift ideas for Fathers Day, Mothers Day and Birthdays please respond with helpful ideas on our Facebook or e-mail

And Happy Fathers Day to all Dads!

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