If you were lucky enough to attend the sold-out Eric Church show on Saturday, you realize why people have been referring to it as "the concert of a lifetime."

I ended up attending myself, and I must say, I didn't know what to expect. The past few weeks I feel like all everyone's been talking about is Eric Church. It was like "Church Nation" around here, with people willing to do anything to land a pair of tickets.

I didn't know what expect since I've never seen him before, but I must say, he did not disappoint. Church gave one heck of a performance, playing a double set with no opening act. All Church, all night. He ended up playing for over three hours.

I brought my buddy Dalton to the show and we enjoyed it so much, we had smiles on our faces the entire time. We stomped and clapped to the beat for each song, so much so that my feet hurt by the time intermission came.

The majority of the crowd was the same way, up on their feet and dancing right along with us the entire length of the show.

Flandreau native Brett Lueck was fortunate enough to land tickets in the pit area, standing right up along the stage. Lueck, a loyal Church fan, had been to a few of his shows before, but says being in the pit was the ultimate fan experience:

"Eric Church really knows how to get the crowd involved. He has an arrogance and energy to him that make his stage presence unmatched by anybody I've ever seen. He can't come back soon enough."

Lueck also mentions that he likes how Church played all his big hits, but he busted out many older, lesser-known music, as well. Lueck says fans like him, who have followed Church's music for years, definitely appreciated that.

Heather Fischer, of Humboldt, SD, agrees that Church exudes something that no other performer does:

"This was probably the best concert I've ever been to. His energy level and his true passion for music came across in his performance."

Concert-goers had rave reviews, with many saying they cannot wait until Church comes back to Sioux Falls. I'd say my favorite aspect was that Church seemed to be having a blast up on stage, the entire time. You could tell he really enjoyed performing each song and interacting with the awesome crowd.

I asked our fans to submit any pictures they may have taken from the show. With over 100 submissions, here are some of the top snaps of the night:

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