There are a few things I remember about my grandparent's house in the Bismarck, ND area. It was an old house build in the early 20s that had been added on to and remodeled several times. I remember the smell, it wasn't a bad smell, the house just had its own unique smell.

I remember playing pool with my cousins in the basement. In that basement, my grandparents had an old stand-up piano. On top of that piano, they had this Crosley Model 66TC radio in these pictures.

As a kid, I was mystified by the radio. How did it work, how the DJ would know when to stop talking before the vocals, is that actually the DJ's real name?

What impressed me even more, was this old radio, with its veneer laminated plywood frame and bakelite knobs. It was amazing to me that this old thing played music, just like my plastic and 'modern-at-the-time' 1980s boombox.

I thought the tuning dial was funny, calling the AM band 'American' and the Shortwave band 'Overseas'. It was definitely built for the US market.

After a little research, I found out this Crosley Model 66TC radio was sold from 1945 to 1946. I was told that my grandfather bought the radio when he returned from Europe after serving in the Army during World War II.

I can only imagine what kind of stories this radio would tell if it could talk. How many important news reports did this radio broadcast? How many radio shows did my grandparents listen to with my aunts, uncles, and mom?

I acquired the radio in 2009. The last time I heard it play was sometime in the 80s. I wouldn't attempt to plug it in now, it might work but it could also catch on fire! Part of me wants to restore it, but I won't. To me, the patina is perfect, just as I remember it.

Crosley 66TC radio

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