The painful, dangerous cold that we have been enduring this month is finally ending. Which would mean the end of this amazing piece of art, if ramen noodles can be art?

A girl in Dickinson, North Dakota by the name of Isis Sio was out in the incredibly frigid weather, doing what you do outside when it's inhumanely cold, eating ramen noodles.

As you probably know, ramen noodles are cooked in water, which freezes really fast when the temperature is well below zero, it created a fantastic-looking sculpture with the chopsticks still at the top.

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According to the story on, it took the boiling hot noodles about 20 minutes to freeze. The cold was no joke that day either. The day the video was taken, Saturday, February 13, the National Weather Service in Bismarck had forecasted low temperatures into the -60's. That wasn't the wind chill, not the "feels like" temperature, the actual temperature was in the -60's in places.

Stuff you need freezing in the cold can catch you off guard, even if it's not extreme cold. I wasn't thinking at all a couple of years ago when I was camping on a deer hunt out in Meade County. I backpacked my whole camp into some BLM land, including my water, and hunted in weather that was as warm as the '40s and as cold as the '20s at night.

On the first morning, I woke up and my water was still liquid. The temperature was just below freezing but hadn't been quite cold enough long enough to freeze my water up. Since it didn't freeze the first morning it should be fine for the second morning, right? Wrong. The temp that night had gotten down to 20 and all three of my Nalgene bottles were mostly ice by morning and had only enough water in them for me to get eight ounces for my instant coffee. No instant oatmeal that day. After that, I learned to always keep one water bottle inside my sleeping bag at night so I can cook in the morning.

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