I was talking with a co-worker the other day about his garden. He was theorizing as to when he would stop adding plants to his ever-changing garden. I think the only answer is "Never!"

If you're an avid gardener with ample space, the planting just goes on and on. And, if you're a gardener with limited space, your garden still changes with so many dwarf specimens just waiting for you.

And gardens change on their own; trees grow and yards become shady or a tree is removed and a bed is open for vegetables, or a plant needs to be replaced.

So, off to the garden center!

As new plants are developed, greenhouse selections become seemingly endless. Saying "no" to something that catches your eye is impossible. So don't! Just remember that plants need good air flow to remain healthy. If you're creating an entire new bed, choose plants with the same watering needs.

Foliage can make a statement as well as a  flower. Even without a bloom, this large container of coleus is a  wonderful welcome home on anyone's entry.

coleus container

If your summer plans don't include a tropical island, this bougainvillea will make your patio or balcony feel as if you have sailed away to one.

purple bougainvillea

These spectacular yellow hibiscus makes me think of sultry, summer evenings!

Debbie Graham/Results Radio