You know you have this song in your head and I don't judge you for this because I do as well! Walker Hayes has a monster hit on his hands with Fancy Like.

The song blew up recently thanks to a TikTok video he made, which features his daughter and a choreographed dance the two made up together. The rest seems to be country music history.

The song is a massive hit because it is so catchy and you can't help but sing along and sing it in your head all day long. It name drops big brands, popular songs and other pop culture items all sung with a swagger.

The song is even being called the "Applebee's song" thanks to a catchy line in the tune where Walker sings about taking a date to the restaurant for a date night. Shortly after, he name drops a few menu items.

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Here's a fun fact for you: the restaurant decided to bring back one of the items he name drops. The Oreo shake has been discontinued for awhile and thanks to the popularity of the song, it is back! He even has a new endorsement deal with the chain.

To say the song has become a pop culture phenomenon is no exaggeration. Since the song became a massive hit, celebrities from just about everywhere have shared the song or tried to do the choreography. There is even a version with Kesha!

Since then, the country star has gained attention on a national level, performing the song at the CMT Artists Of The Year ceremony in October and the song has even been cut from the University of Alabama's stadium playlist. That's how you know you've really made it!

The song isn't going anywhere and Walker Hayes likely isn't either. If you love the song as much as everyone else, you should deep dive into some of his other tunes.

In the meantime, check out every shoutout he makes in the hit song because you know you're going to sing along to it next time you hear it!

Every Shout-Out Walker Hayes Makes In His Hit Fancy Like

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