A woman went viral after she shared she had no time for small talk with her co-workers, which almost caused her to be fired.

"Spoiler alert: I quit," the woman captioned the viral TikTok explaining her story.

"It's actually the reason they gave me an ultimatum, saying that if I didn't put more effort into socializing and into being a 'team player,' then I was going to get fired," the woman claimed.

She explained that at the architectural firm she worked at the employees were already friends before she got there. "I didn't want to hang out with them because we didn't have anything in common, plus they were all friends from school or from doing the same job, and I was just an outsider," she continued.

She noted she opted to skip happy hours with her fellow co-workers. "I was there for eight hours a day, why would I want to spend two or three more hours drinking with people that I wasn't even friends with? I also despise small talk, it makes me physically uncomfortable."

The woman added she would typically wear headphones when she walked into the office. She'd wave at the receptionist and then quickly get right to work.

"They did not like me for that," she concluded.

Watch the clip below:

The video sparked a debate amongst users in the comments, though many agreed no one should have to mingle with their office co-workers if they don't really feel up to it.

"I once had a co-worker complain that I didn’t socialize enough at work and I was actually spoken to by a supervisor," one user wrote, while another commented: "I'm paid to do my job, I'll start socializing when they start paying me for it."

"People need to grow up and learn to be okay with people not wanting to be their friend at work," another person weighed in.

"Work is never just work. One must fit into work place culture. Sometimes people just aren’t a good fit & that’s ok," someone else reasoned.

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