Is there anything better than an ice cream sandwich on a hot summer day? I recently ran across an article that made me fall in love with the summer treat all over again.

I love stumbling across little-known facts about something I enjoy, and in this case it was an article about one of my favorite summer treats - the ice cream sandwich.

This classic treat was created in 1899 by an unknown pushcart peddler in New York City and consisted of vanilla ice cream pressed between two milk biscuits.

The article I'm referring to is a blog post on the Food Network website entitled "Eight Things You Didn't Know About Ice Cream Sandwiches."

For example:

  • The original recipe involved sponge cake.
  • The United States started the cookie trend.
  • In 1905 you could buy an ice cream sandwich for a penny.
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches have their own vocabulary.
  • It pairs well with pretzels.
  • Canadians love to be creative with their ice cream sandwiches.
  • The Scots call it something else.
  • Ice Cream Sandwich Day is always observed August 2.

To learn more about the ice cream sandwich and why it's grown to be one of the most popular summer treats around the world, go to the Food Network website.

Source: Food Network

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