On Amy’s 4 Things Podcast, she was informed that a lot of soccer players go to Turkey to get hair transplants. Eddie has been self-conscious about losing his hair, so after getting the breakdown of how much it would cost, Bobby Bones said he’d pay for it. All in for the hair transplant service, the travel, food and a guest to accompany him would cost $10,000.

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At first, Eddie didn’t like the idea of getting it done. But after seeing pictures of David Beckham and how good his alleged hair transplant looks; he is starting to like the idea more. He’s always wanted to have a mullet or be able to put his hair in a bun, so he’s liking the idea more and more, but he’s scared to go to the Middle East. He told his wife about the idea and at first, she wasn’t for it, but after showing her pictures, she is doing some research to learn more about it. Amy has been getting messages from listeners who said they know people who are currently in Turkey getting hair transplants and it’s 100% effective. Eddie is going to take a few days to research it more and let us know his decision!

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