Eddie shared on The Bobby Bones Show why he thinks parenting has made him dumber!

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He said he always feels spacey, and it takes a while for him to get his thoughts together and right. Last week, his kids were gone all week for spring break, and he said he felt sharper. He’d come in to work organized and now that the kids are back, he doesn’t even know what day it is. He thinks it might be because his kids are young, and he has to talk to them at their level and sometimes has to talk about fart jokes with them all day.

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13 Famous Iowans

It's a great day for Iowans. The first ever Major League Baseball game was played in Dyersville, Iowa last night (August 12) in The Field of Dreams game and it was awesome!

What a great way to showcase a beautiful state and celebrate the hospitality of Iowans.

Iowa may seem far away from Tinsel Town, but The Hawkeye State has produced many famous actors, musicians, and athletes!

The following 13 are just the tip of the iceberg!

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