Earl Dibbles Jr. has been practicing his words. The very country singer and Granger Smith lookalike just published his first book, If You're City, If You're Country, and now he wants to prove he can read it.

Watch as the "City Boy Stuck" hitmaker flips through his favorite passages of this digestible, illustrated coffee table book. Each page of If You're City, If You're Country starts with an idea that's very "city" and then turns it into a country axiom.

"For example, if you're city you can browse the web for all sorts of things," Dibbles says before listing a few common internet searches during his first passage. "If you're country, you could browse the web for all sorts of things: flies, June bugs, grasshoppers."

The comedic anecdotes also come with an EP featuring five of the best Dibbles Jr. cuts. "The Country Boy Love Song," "Country Boy Love" and "'Merica" are featured, as well as a sixth bonus track called "If You're City, If You're Country."

Dibbles Jr. also made time for a short interview while visiting the Taste of Country studio in the big city. Next week we'll find out what he really thinks of granger Smith and why his Twitter account doesn't have the blue check mark to indicate it's legit.

Smith was able to elaborate a little more about the nature of the book, admitting it's been several years in the making. "Writing these jokes as a creative outlet has been the product of so many late night, after show laughs with the band," he shares in a press release, adding that he hopes the end result is his fans smiling. Longtime fans of the "You're In It" singer know Dibbles is Smith's alter-ego. He usually makes an appearance late in the set, bursting from backstage in overalls with a big dip in his mouth and a cold beer in his hand.

Watch Earl Dibbles Jr. Give a Tour of His Bus!

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