Who knew Earl Dibbles Jr. was so dang creepy?

Granger Smith has given his alter ego a bit of an edge in a new parody short film in which Smith turns Dibbles into a horror villain.

"I know this sounds crazy, but we’ve been seeing things in our house at night. I finally caught him on video," Smith preludes of the Instagram-ready video. What follows is a brief video where Dibbles is Mike Meyers-like, lurking in and around Smith and his wife Amber's house in the dark.

In one shot, Dibbles appears at their doorstep, then disappears when Amber peers out the window, with his only remnants being a crushed pouch of tobacco left behind. Scenes of Dibbles creeping inside the house add to the effect, along with the eerie music in the background, until he finally pops up behind Amber and asks "you wanna knock boots?" much to Smith's opposition.

Smith's alter ego released his first book earlier in 2018 titled If You’re City, If You’re Countryfeaturing a series of anecdotes comparing the city and country lifestyles, along with a 5-song EP. Following the conclusion of his 2018 Don't Tread on Me Tour, Smith told Taste of Country Nights that he'll be taking time off at the end of the year to focus on his family. "I’m trying to learn to slow down. It’s an art to learn how to slow down," he says.

Smith often puts family first, such as casting wife Amber as the lead actress in the video for his latest single, "You’re in It."

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