Friday afternoon, I was picking up a few things at the 26th and Sycamore Walgreens in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Now, this is a pretty busy part of town. Hy-Vee is across the street, Silverstar Car was is right next door. So, when I got out of my car and noticed a little light quacking going on, I wondered where it was coming from.

We've seen quite a bit of in-town wildlife activity lately. Wild Turkeys have been seen traipsing through people's back yards on Sioux Falls's west side. Of course, if you just keep your eyes open around town, you can see a deer quite frequently too. If you listen outside on your deck on a still night, chances are you'll year a coyote yipping as well.

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I get it, we live in South Dakota. I also think it's great when we South Dakotans, almost on a daily basis can see mother nature here in town. There seem to be geese everywhere, (almost too many) but in reality, it's kind of nice.

So, back to the quacking. It was a Drake and Hen sitting under the bushes there at Walgreen's. I gave them a little wagon room, took a quick picture, and moved on.

OK. It's not a hard-hitting news story, but some of the stuff we like to write about and post here on the website is 'out of the ordinary, ordinary stuff.' How bout you, any interesting wildlife showing up around your place? If so, we'd love to hear from you.

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