Lately, it just takes a little longer with your morning and afternoon commute in Sioux Falls. I'm not complaining, just stating a fact. If you use east 57th Street, east 10th of East 69th you probably said amen under your breath. If you come from the east to get to Lincoln Highschool or have a daycare dropoff near 57th street you would wholeheartedly agree.

It seems like most people you talk to can't wait till the 26th bridge is completed. The project will raise the road over the train tracks and when finished will spread out some of the backed up and slowed down traffic.

It's going to be better when the bridge gets built, that's good news. For the time being though you'll see pretty heavy traffic on these main drags for the next couple of months. I would imagine travel will be slowed down even further as crews get out to make improvements filling potholes and other summertime chores.

How about you? Have you noticed a longer commute trying to get to work in Sioux Falls? If so, you can email me anytime.

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