On Monday, August 19 Ashley Nickelson posted on her Facebook page that her horse had been shot just off Highway 81 near Freeman, South Dakota which is about 50 miles southwest of Sioux Falls. She is asking for help from anyone who might have information about what happened. Here is what Ashley posted on her page:

SOMEONE DRIVING ON HIGHWAY 81 maybe seen this person with a gun shoot off HIGHWAY 81, a half a mile from MERIDIAN CORNER! ***
*Last Night, Some evil cruel must be a miserable piece of shit, with a loaded gunshot and killed a cricket, she was standing outside of the barn at my moms' farm, in Freeman, SD someone that will be caught had the balls to pull a trigger and shoot this horse in the neck! You will regret doing this! Everyone gets caught one way or another! Cricket, you were such a good horse! I never rode you as much as I should of, but you were a horse I was always proud to talk about! Ride on up there girl! ❤️

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