My neighbor challenged me once to see who could go the longest without shaving.

Game on!

We both fell short of the year mark, but made some serious big beards in our efforts. I learned how to trim it, oil it, balm it, and that there will be 'bad beard days'.

Growing a big beard is kinda like having a small pet, there is some work involved. I found plenty of YouTube channels offering beard tips, and saw some incredible beard contests out there.

In my quest for all things beard I stumbled on Falls Facial Hair Foundation. According to their Facebook page this is what they are about:

We are a group of facial hair enthusiasts in the Sioux Falls, SD area. Our goal is to help our community while promoting our bearded way of life.

From the pictures on their page they are no strangers to a beard brush, and they have an upcoming beard event in Corson, SD.

Beard Clash 2017!

For details on the event or to cruise their fun furry photos on their page click here.

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