I have had the privilege to sit and learn from various organizations over the years and listen to the details of the causes and people they support.

There seems to be a pattern among groups of people who rally behind helping people.

It appears when helping fellow humans most organizations face similar struggles. I've noticed most of these organizations like most great humanitarian efforts have the same heavy lifting to do.

The groups I've talked to over the years could all use more resources, hands and feet to carry out the mission, the attention of politicians, and the voices of people like you and me.

I have talked with groups of teachers, people who help people experiencing homelessness, those fighting human trafficking, caregivers for orphans and foster kids, people addressing mental illness, and I see a lot of reoccurring patterns.

The people of communities need to rally around a cause. We can all pick a cause to put a dent in. This list doesn't have to be your list, but find something to make a difference in, and put a dent in it for the good.

I believe this because I see the struggles of the groups, and they cannot do it alone. You will personally benefit from the experience I promise. We are also making a difference in the landscape for the generations that come after us.

Provide responsive services for victims of human trafficking

I don't understand why politicians don't appear to be leaders on these topics. I guess it's up to people like us to get educated on these topics and do something about them.

Here is the official invite from Call to Freedom's Facebook page:

Spring is coming! Well, almost.
Snow, rain or sunshine, Call to Freedom is continuing to break ground, offer supportive services and promote community collaboration for victims and survivors of human trafficking. Lunch is on us! So, come out to hear about the latest milestones, testimonies, and all the ways you can be involved.

If you would like to attend Call to Freedom's March luncheon, please RSVP by emailing info@calltofreedom.org or call 605-261-1880.

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