Sometimes you find those short videos that you just can't stop watching.  Many times you aren't even sure why you can't look away.  Well, here's another one of those videos.  And it deserves a short explanation of what's going on.

A two-year old toddler by the name of Cameron from Tabor City, North Carolina, recently had some fun playing in the family swimming pool.  After swimming, little Cameron decided that he would take his toy tractor out for a spin around the driveway. The combination of being tired from the afternoon swim and the movement of the tractor he was driving, did just what you would expect to happen.   It put Cameron right to sleep.  While he was sitting in the driver's seat of the tractor.  Actually...while he was DRIVING his toy tractor!

The perfectly turned wheels of the tractor then just continued to drive little Cameron in circles around the driveway.  This is what Cameron's dad, Nicholas Hughes, discovered.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, Cameron was not injured during his "sleep-driving" incident.