Seasonal allergies are trouble for many people around the world. But do dogs also deal with the itchies and the sneezy time of year? Turns out they do.

The other day I was working outside and when I came back in my itchy eyes reminded me that it was the time of year that allergies fire up for many people. Myself included.

For the most part, I've dealt with allergies better as an adult than I did growing up. Summertime in the middle of the state of South Dakota was torture at times for me. Allergy season would fire up, and I would be miserable. Later on I discovered that I am allergic to aspirin, which is what I would take in my younger years further exacerbating the symptoms.

Back to the dogs. Do they suffer from seasonal allergies? I did a little research and it turns out they do! Molly the Black Lab, pictured above wakes up in the morning with several sneezes. Penny the Great Dane also has been making more sneezing noises at our place.

Whether it’s from the environment or food, allergies are common in pets. So, there’s a good chance your dog might have them.

What might cause an allergic reaction doesn’t tend to change with age, but certain breeds are more predisposed to allergies than other breeds.

How about you? Does your dog suffer from allergies? If so, what do you do to help them out? You can email me anytime at

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