Dogs can do some amazing things! Case in point a story out of Mesa, Arizona last month at the home of Laurie and Jay Becerra.

Their two dogs Smokey and Remus were getting “rambunctious” one day when Smokey fell into the family pool. Apparently the dogs play near the pool, but Smokey broke through the fence and fell in.

What happened next was truly amazing!

As Smokey was struggling to get back up and in danger of drowning, Remus, the other dog in the video, can be seen attempting to rescue Smokey, but first attempts are unsuccessful. Remus then jumped into the pool to rescue his K-9 companion by helping him climb out and out of the pool!

Incredibly, both dogs are unharmed after the ordeal.

All of this was recorded off their security camera. Laurie Becerra wrote on Facebook, "Remus May be a crazy pup but he’s got a heart of gold!! My hero."


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