There's been a lot of talk of guns being stolen from unlocked vehicles in Sioux Falls. The word responsibility comes to mind.

  1. If you're responsible enough to drive, you should be responsible enough to know that you're responsible for what's in your vehicle.
  2. If you're responsible enough to secure ownership of a firearm then you should be responsible enough to know where that firearm is at all times and whether or not it's loaded. If you're headed to the range to shoot, be a big boy or girl and case 'em up and lock 'em up.

Times have changed. When I was in high school it wasn't uncommon to see pickups in the school parking lot with a full gun rack in the back window, but people seemed to have a better understanding of consequences. It doesn't take too much common sense to know you're in Sioux Falls and some clown might open your unlocked vehicle and grab a pistol or firearm left out in plain site.

Some of it sounds a little fishy to me. It's not like it's hunting season and uncle Andy left a shotgun in the pickup while he went into the store to buy some bread.  If I was an insurance adjuster, I'd question someone rope firearm theft into an insurance claim.

My dad owned a small gun shop in the basement of our house. It wasn't until we were old enough to know that you don't point a gun at anything you didn't intend to shoot, and that you don't even get toy gun until you understand that. More than one time I had a little plastic plunger shooting dart gun taken away because I pointed it at a sibling.

If you're big enough to own a firearm, you're big enough to know where it is, and who could get to it while you're not around.

I know where my firearms are and I carry the key is that gets to them. How about you.

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