Do sandwiches taste better when cut diagonally? I was dumpster diving the internet today looking for blog fodder. I came across the question on Twitter:

@AllenK_81: Sandwiches taste better cut diagonally.” #truth #cosign

It got me thinking. And remembering. I remember as a child quizzing my mom when she was preparing lunch for us one day. I recall that day clear as a bell when I asked the question:

Mom, why don't you cut the grilled cheese sideways like they do at The Corner Cafe?

Now, there are a couple things you better ask carefully as a kid. Because you can bet that Mom gave it some thought 'before' she cut those sandwiches. She started out with...

It really shouldn't matter. Because you're going to eat the entire sandwich.


Evidently, my sister and brothers must been arguing over 'who was going to eat the side with the crust.'  By cutting the sandwich in half she was setting us up for a lesson. The bottom part of the bread is obviously better when you're a kid. You don't have that crust at the top of the bread to deal with. But when you have 4 kids to deal with, hungry kids the one thing in the world that wasn't good to be was fussy. Eat the damn crust is what I realized.

I don't know if Mom finally gave in to cutting her sandwiches diagonally or not. I think she also thought that they fit in sandwich bags better cut sideways.

I kind of like that first bite off the sharp, pointy part of the sandwich. And while we're at it...never take that first bite out the middle part of the sandwich! It'll get the cheese or jelly all over your face!

It's such a simple thing. But how do you cut your sandwich? Diagonally? Sideways? Or heck is it horizontally? Crust on top, smooth edge on the bottom.

No matter how you cut 'em, you can bet people have a reason. So, if they made 'em, just hush up and eat 'em. Now, for those people that 'cut the crust off the bread?' They're another story!