Radio is a crazy business. I mean crazy! Over the 37 years I've been involved in the business, I've been handed some copy to cut for different things I didn't know a thing about.

If you listen to the radio locally, you've probably heard my voice on commercials for Wieman Auction. I would love to know how many dollars of inventory I've helped liquidate over the years. I know they're doing the work, but I'm part of it. It would be interesting to know.

I came across a product recently I had never heard of. If I did, I probably blushed a bit and thought they were talking about something else. The other day I was handed copy that included Cockshutt Tractors. I had to pull up a YouTube video just to make sure I pronounced it correctly. Cock-Shut. WHAT?

Turns out Cockshutt Tractors are a pretty big deal. Especially to collectors of vintage tractors. Still I was intrigued. So I did a little research. Thank goodness for Wikipedia they told me,

Founded as the Brantford Plow Works by James G. Cockshutt in 1877, the name was changed to the Cockshutt Plow Company when it was incorporated in 1882. After James died shortly thereafter, his brother William Foster Cockshutt took over as president.

As Paul Harvey used to say, now I know the rest of the story. Cockshutt. Who woulda' thunk? That's the thing about producing ads for Wieman Auction. I could be just about anything. Land, an acreage, farm implements, Cockshutt Tractors.

Please share this with anyone in Agriculture who needs to know, what a Cockshutt is.

JD Collins grew up on a farm west of Kennebec, South Dakota. If you have any ideas for farm or ag stories, he would love to hear from you. You can email him at

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