And you thought you had no reason to get out of bed. Today (6/2/17) has been proclaimed 'National Doughnut Day.' OMG, where to begin.

First though, just for a point of reference, 'Doughnut' and 'Donut' mean the same thing. According to Grammarist, Donut is just a shortened version of Doughnut.

Now that we have that settled. What should I introduce my lips to first? - Plain? Glazed? Glazed with sprinkles? Jelly filled? Doughnut holes? Potato doughnuts?

OMG. So many choices and so little time.

Did you know not all doughnuts are round. In the New England area you can get a doughnut in a long, straight strip called a Cruller.

Doughnuts are also sometimes called Malasadas, Beignets, Bomboloni, Zeppole, Pazcki, Loukoumakes, Berliner, Krapfen, Sufganiyah, Churros - just to name a few.

If you'd like to learn more about the wonderful world of doughnuts, there's a website called Serious Eats that I would recommend you go to - specifically the Doughnut Style Guide.'

Word of warning though - after looking at all the pictures you're gonna want to run out to your nearest doughnut shop and pick up a dozen of your favorite treats.

In fact, that's where I'm headed right now. Probably should get one of everything - "research" you know, because I'm doing a story on doughnuts.

Source: Serious Eats

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