Remember traipsing through the frozen wilderness to find that perfect Christmas tree armed with a saw and an ax? Remember putting it up in the living room and admiring its beauty while the hot cider simmering on the stove?

Hang onto those memories because it’s getting tougher to create magical moments like that. For instance, Amazon now will deliver a real 6 or 7-foot tree to your door for Christmas. Real 7-footers straight from a Quebec forest.

Seriously? Where is the love? Where are the memories? I hope today’s youth don’t grow up telling their kids, “I remember the screech of the UPS truck pulling up to our house on a cold winter day and watching the delivery driver stumbled up the driveway with the big tree in a box. That was a fine memory I tell you. A real fine memory."

I think I'll pass. I'd rather have cold toes and kids arguing who gets to take the first whack with the ax.

Here's a much better option: We have several nice tree farms around the Sioux Falls area such as Christmas Tree Acres, T & S Christmas Tree Farm, Beaver Creek Tree Farm, Country Acres Tree FarmRiverview Christmas Tree Farm, and Baumgartner Family Christmas Trees.

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