The other day I read how authorities were going to make an effort to 'cull the deer herd' here in the city limits in Sioux Falls. Based on what I'm seeing around Sioux Falls and on the way to work it's probably not a bad idea.

Wednesday morning on the way to work I was pretty sure I saw a big-bodied deer crossing 57th street while I was eastbound at the bottom of the hill coming up on Cliff Avenue. There was no traffic at the time so I swung over and put the headlights on what was a nice looking buck. I know from bow-hunting that there is usually another deer coming behind and noticed another nice buck waiting patiently to cross the road.

I know that people in charge were looking to thin the deer herd in Sioux Falls a bit. I wonder if they were including bucks when they were out and how their 'hunt' is coming along. I'll do some checking and get back to you!

How about you? Do you see a lot of deer on your way to work or maybe in your back yard here in Sioux Falls or in your town? Email and let me know at

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