With the Sioux Empire Fair in progress and the SD State Fair at the end of August, we have to talk about fair food, specifically some of the strangest food out there.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it gives you an idea of some of the more "creative" fair food from around the country.  As you'll see, just about anything can be deep-fried, wrapped or put on a stick.

1.  Deep-fried bubble gum, Texas State Fair.  These ravioli looking pouches hold a sweet treat.

2.  Deep-fried pig ears, Minnesota State Fair.  These crunchy treats are cut to resemble curly fries.

3.  Salad on a stick, Iowa State Fair.  Someone has figured out how to put a salad on a stick.  Sounds messy.

4.  Bacon-wrapped caramel apple, Oklahoma State Fair.  Is there anything that bacon can't be added to?  I think not.

5.  Deep-fried scorpion, Arizona State Fair.  I've seen scorpion dipped in hard candy, so why not fry one?  You can get them on a stick and dipped in chocolate, of course.

6.  Deep-fried beer, Texas State Fair.  Why?  Because 'Merica!

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