If you smell street tacos and giant turkey legs, you know it's fair season in South Dakota. The Sioux Empire Fair is one of the top fair food destinations to visit this summer.

Plan a family dinner night at this year's Sioux Empire Fair to taste some of the greasiest, sweetest, and mouth-watering fair food in the state. You might gain a pound or two after indulging in some fried food. But hey...it's worth every inch of your waistline!

There is a variety of food vendors to try at the 83rd annual Sioux Empire Fair. It will be tough to get through the food court row in just one day. That's why you’ll need the entire week to taste the top foods at this year's fair.

Come to the Sioux Empire Fair hungry! Take a look at some of the delicious fair food that’s available when you stop by the fair.

2022 Sioux Empire Fair Food

The fun and excitement continues at the Sioux Empire Fair through Saturday, August 13th. What's your favorite fair food?

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