Deana Carter admits most of her first album — including her signature hit "Strawberry Wine" — was inspired by an old boyfriend who was her first love. That boyfriend became a major Hollywood hunk. Do you know who he is?

To be fair, Carter didn't write "Strawberry Wine." Matraca Berg and Gary Harrison wrote the song, and Berg says the lyrics were inspired by her own story, mostly. Carter's performance was personal, however, as is the performance of every woman who's chosen this daring ballad on karaoke night. We were all "green on the vine" at some point, right?

This week's episode of The Secret History of Country Music zeroes in on "Strawberry Wine" and the sexy Tennessee man who took Carter's heart many years ago, but also looks at the impact it made on her audience and contemporaries. Garth Brooks is a big fan. Ricky Skaggs gets wrapped up in the whole story — quite literally. In fact, there's an untold story about that famous CMA moment when Carter comes bounding from back stage to take her Single of the Year trophy. She nearly crippled him!

Okay, two clues about who the mystery man is before you watch: He was a star on a very popular ABC sitcom in the 2000s, and he was known for his washboard abs and for being a piece of eye candy for the four female stars. Think you got a guess?

The Secret History of Country Music is a new weekly series hosted by Taste of Country News host Ania Hammar. We'll go deeper inside the stories of country music's biggest hits, moments and figures. Look for episodes about Gretchen Wilson and the origination of the ACM Awards coming up, and be sure to subscribe to Taste of Country's YouTube channel so you never miss a new episode.

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