There are what I call 'Turn It Up' hits. You know, those songs that, when you hear them, you just have to turn it up and sing along.

That was Deana Carter's 'Strawberry Wine'.

Released in August, 1996 as the first single from the uniquely titled album Did I Shave My Legs For This?, the song went right to the top of the country music singles chart, hitting Number One in November of that year.

And thanks to the incredible popularity of 'Strawberry Wine', Did I Shave My Legs For This? went on to sell over five million albums.

As for 'Strawberry Wine', it was named 'Song of the Year' by the Country Music Association as well as by the Nashville Songwriters Association International and the Nashville Music Awards.

A lot of folks call 'Strawberry Wine' a signature song, and that's true. For me it's a 'Turn It Up' classic, so go on the great video above and 'Turn It Up' one more time!

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