My dad ran a gunshop out of the basement of our house when I was growing up.  Yeah, I was the kid in kindergarten who could shoot. I remember getting my first .22 when I was young.  Then it was a shotgun.  I was an 'easy buy' for Christmas and birthdays, just get him a gun, he'll like it.

I still do.  And I'm still enamored by some of the products that go with guns.  I remember watching detective movies when (usually the bad guys) would pull out a cool looking silencer and put it on a rifle or pistol.  The cool thing about these silencers is 'they are legal' and for many hunting practices, a necessity.

If you've ever gone prarie dog hunting, you know it's game over when the dogs go down.  A silencer mounted on your .223 is a game changer.  Mr. and Mrs. rodent don't figure things out quite as fast so the fun, lasts longer.

Recently, I was asked to voice a radio commercial for Dakota Silencer.  I was intrigued.  When I heard they were actually holding a demo for their product this weekend, and I was pumped.

Their event is at the Big Sioux Rifle and Pistol Club this Saturday (July 13th) and in Aberdeen, SD July 27th.

You can come out and watch (and listen to the difference) these products in use.  If you have one, bring it out and show it off.

Dakota Silencer products have also been used locally by law enforcement.

Sioux Falls Police Department enjoyed working with Brandon Maddox  in outfitting our SWAT teams with military grade tactical sound suppressors. While shopping across the country for silencers, Brandon was one of the most knowledgeable we found on silencer brands and their effectiveness in many different environments...

So if you a gun collector, or prarie dog or varmit hunter, you might want to look into the event. At least log on to their website and take a look, or take a minute to like them on their Facebook page so you can keep up with thier events.

I'm looking forward to Saturday morning.  I can't wait to hear a rifle fire, without having to plug my ears at short range.