Last night I was watching the evening news with my German Shepherd, Rooster. He was relentlessly chewing his favorite indestructible rubber toy. At least they claim it was indestructible, but no one told Rooster that. The indestructible rubber toys last a week, tops.

I heard once somewhere around half of dog owners claim their dogs like watching TV. I don't know if Rooster likes watching TV. He mainly likes hanging out in the same room as his humans.

When we do watch TV together he is never focused on the TV, he is always focused on the toy he is trying to destroy.

Whe happened to have the TV on the local news and a segment came on that might have actually got his attention if he hadn't been so preoccupied.

Thanks, KDLT News for helping us get the fun news out there: Oh My Pupcakes! are now available at our 57th and Western location as well as in EarthWise Pet / Sioux Falls! Pop in for treats for you and a treat for your pet. Grain free, gluten free, all natural with no added sugar. Send us pics of your pet eating Oh My Pupcakes! (We bet they’ll lick the frosting off first, too!)

My German Shepherd Rooster has no idea what is coming his way tonight, but Oh My Pupcakes! is on the menu.

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