I stay a cruiser of Facebook because 10% of the time I find gems worth reading, and they keep me sticking around.

Sunday night is one of my big social media void filling, time killing spaces and I found something last night worth passing along.

From the Oh My Cupcakes Facebook page:

The leather. The fatigues. The frosting. Not sure how they fit together?
Tomorrow is Veterans Day Observed. We are delighted to always fill our dining room with Veterans and their spouses for a free cupcake, coffee, and conversation.
Here are two of my favorite veterans: my dad, and my friend. This year, we are especially excited for families reunited after a recent deployment just came to an end. If you’re a veteran or spouse of a veteran, please come in on Monday, November 12th and let us do this one small thing to say THANK YOU!

Thank you Veterans, and thank you to the folks at Oh My Cupcakes!

To learn more about Oh My Cupcakesor for store hours click here.

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