Monday (November 6) saw a little snow fall in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It only amounted to about a half an inch, but that was enough to make roads slippery.

There were accidents throughout the city. One happened right in front of my home.

Around 1:40 PM I heard a very loud bang while I was inside my house. Looking out I saw what appeared to be three vehicles involved in a crash.

Emergency vehicles responded in minutes. Pretty soon the entire block was closed off. With my home being right in the middle of all this, I was trapped with no way to come or go from my driveway.

If you look closely in the back ground just beyond the fire truck, you see a man wearing a white coat standing in his driveway. That's me in front of my home hoping everyone involved is OK.

There was an ambulance that came to the scene near the damaged truck that is pictured.

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