With the COVID-19 Pandemic now in what seems like year number 44 most Americans are starting to really keep their eye on the calendar. Obviously, it hasn't been that long but just consider this. Earlier this week while talking with my son who is a school teacher, he mentioned that this whole pandemic thing has really made time feel like it's just creeping by. He said it's like this whole thing has been going on forever.

He's right. If you work at home, your schedule is different. Sure you can set your clock to have certain tasks done by certain times, but having 'all that is work' available to update at any time makes for seemingly longer workdays. Like when it's 8:30 PM and you think of something you want to have done at work tomorrow, instead of putting it on the list, you just go downstairs, fire up the laptop and knock the task out before bed.

When did it hit you? This whole Coronavirus 'thing.' For me it was while sitting at a Skyforce game while I was doing the P.A. and Tim says, they just called off the NCAA Basketball tournament. That 'moment' seems like a year ago. This pandemic and the checking of the numbers every day has put a different feel to the calendar. It's not only slowed down the world, but it's also done something I never thought possible. My son is correct. It's slowed things down. Way down! Even the calendar.

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