It's amazing how a small item, like an air pressure gauge, can save an incredible amount of money over time. For instance, last night I picked up an air pressure gage for less than $5 at Lewis Drug here in Sioux Falls. As I was paying for the gage I couldn't help but think, 'this little item that I'm buying for less than $5 could help put off an expensive bill for 'tires.' 

The cold weather brought it to my attention. The cold weather drops the pressure in your tires. Mine had reached the point where the warning light was on blaring at me on the dash as I drove to work this morning.

Tires can be an odd item. Some seem like they never leak. Some leach out slowly and some will have you calling up the tire shop to see what might be lodged in the tread.

If you have young adult children, and you were trying to think of an inexpensive Christmas gift, this might be the ticket. While you're at it, show them how to use it. How much pressure to run this time of year. Check their tread with them too. Then issue an underhanded challenge. It might go something like this. 'They're looking pretty good. Go easy on the breaks and corners and you might not need to replace them till Summer 2021.' 

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