They are two of Texas' most electrifying voices, and this January they are heading out West to California.

Cody Jinks and Paul Cauthen have announced a West Coast swing that'll have folks, back home in the Lone Star State, jealous.

How odd is it that someone so clearly steeped in country music roots, with an undeniable, and unapologetic traditional country sound, can be considered as groundbreaking as Cody Jinks, is? It speaks more to the desire for honest music today, and the sheer lack of it, than anything else.

Cody Jinks is groundbreaking, and Cody Jinks is a traditionalist. He is honest, he sings the truth, and his new album, I'm Not the Devil, is solid country gold.

And where do we even start with Paul Cauthen? We can't stop listening to his new album My Gospel, it's spell binding. Rolling Stone describes Cauthen as “A triple-barreled blast of Texas country, soul and holy-roller rockabilly.”

Rolling Stone also says of the album, it "unleashes the full fury of Cauthen’s voice, a barking, booming baritone developed during his childhood days as a choir member at the Church of Christ. There’s plenty of gospel here, but these songs also worship at the altar of Muscle Shoals soul and groove-heavy country, packed with all the drive and drama of Roy Orbison’s work."

Tell your California friends that this January two of Texas' best are comin' for 'em, and they'll be sorry should they miss it out on this.

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