In the above video you can watch Chris Mello from CPM Fitness talk about why guys should try yoga.

There is an opportunity for everybody to get bendy tonight at the Lululemon, CPMFitness, and Fernson Brewing Company CO-ED Yoga event.

Yoga is one of those things you come across in life, and once you start you wonder why you haven't been a downward dogger longer.

As people age staying flexible, and maintaining balance is so important, and yoga is one of those things that can help you with both.

I noticed a few years back that a consistent yoga practice was the only thing that could counter balance the aging and sitting in life.

There is a hesitation for a lot of men to go to yoga classes thinking they are for women, but trust me they are designed for all human bodies.

I would recommend trying it at least a few times, and giving yourself a chance to get over the battle of the beginners mind.

There is a Co-Ed yoga event tonight, August 9th, at Fernson Brewing Company from 6:30 pm till 8:30 pm 1400 East Robur Dr Sioux Falls.

Some details from the event Facebook page:

$15 per wristband, and it’ll get you a beer and a yoga class. CPM Fitness will set up a Lululemon popup shop; you’ll have gear, beer, and a calm atmosphere.

If you cant make it to the class, but would still like to give yoga a try check out CPM Fitness class schedules on their website.

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