The city of Brandon wants to get the word out that the cities drinking water is safe to use. On Wednesday The City Of Brandon put out a notice regarding reported concentrations of radiological contaminants in the drinking water that exceed the EPA Safe Drinking Water Standards that was reported on a social media site.

The report had raised concerns in the Brandon community and resulted in complaints filed with South Dakota DENR. The City of Brandon will addressed the concerns in a video briefing.

The City Of Brandon posted a video of the briefing on their Youtube page. Brandon City Administrator Bryan Read stated :

"The city refrained from commenting on the social media post until we had received the final test results of our own sample as we will only provide final results to the public. Whoever posted this on social media altered the results to show that the city was in violation of the federal drinking water standards. Brandon has and will continue to provide water that meets and exceeds all primary drinking water standards set by the EPA for the health and safety of our citizens. My family including my dog and I will continue to drink that water supplied by the city of Brandon.

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