If you need an afternoon of shopping and smiling out in the sunshine, this Thursday will be the day. There is going to be a Children's Business Fair at Lake Lorraine from 4 to 6 PM.

The Lake Lorraine Farmer's Market will also be happening from 4 to 7 PM. So, you can check out all the fresh summer goodies there, from veggies, to eggs, even crave-quieting baked goods, and shop the children's business fair too.

These talented children who attend Acton Academy in Sioux Falls, were tasked with developing a brand, creating a product or service, and coming up with their own marketing strategy. You will see the amazing results at this event.

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The Children's Business Fair will be open for customers during this one-day special event, and you can browse these inventive and clever shops.

  • Bands4Ever
  • Braxton's Bubble Company
  • Cupcake Kid
  • TayKay's Treats
  • Kiptyn's Coasters and Cookies
  • Original Work
  • Scottish Son's Shortbread
  • Creative Characters and Frames
  • Josie's Dog Sitting
  • Prairie Designs
  • Tie the Rainbow
  • Eat Good Feel Good
  • Aspyn's Fairy Life
  • HEJ Golf Ball Sales

These extremely youthful entrepreneurs will more than likely have some extremely useful ideas for Sioux Falls business leaders too. Innovation, creativity, communication, teamwork- -these kids already have a handle on the principles that are so important to begin a business and to keep it thriving.

For a lot of inspiration, some great products and services, tasty treats, and a whole bunch of smiles, you've got to swing by the Sioux Falls Children's Business Fair, this Thursday!

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