And just like that, the clouds part, and the sub-zero temperatures begin to rise in Sioux Falls. Ice fishing is looking a lot better than it was just two weeks ago. And this recent cold snap has improved the condition of the ice and Lake Lorraine will be a hub of activity for about 20 area students this weekend, February 20.

The South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks Department (GFP) have teamed up with Friessen Development, Inc. in a worthwhile venture to bring this opportunity to Haywood Elementary students.

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According to our news gathering partner, Dakota News Now, the youth will compete for the largest fish in hopes of winning prizes. The GFP hopes it's a great experience and hopes that these young outdoor adventure seekers will be hooked on fishing and the great outdoors.

The youth event is in memory of Scott A. Gackle, an outdoorsman who passed away in 2019. Dustin Taylor wanted to honor his late friend Gackle by helping more children have the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors.

We applaud this partnership and hope this becomes a lifelong love for young outdoor enthusiasts.

For future fishing and other activities on Loake Lorraine, follow Lake Lorraine and The Outdoor Campus social media pages.

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