New businesses are always welcome to open their doors in Sioux Falls.  The biggest announcement by far has been online retail giant Amazon’s deal to develop land for a future facility on the northwest side of the city.  This major company could potentially attract other major retailers to open new locations in the Sioux Empire.  One other business that is making its debut in the City of Sioux Falls is...Chase Bank.

One of my friends and co-workers, Taneil and I went out on a coffee-run to Starbucks on 57th Street last week.  We were on our way to the drive-thru when we noticed the vacant store next door had signs in the window announcing Chase Bank was coming!

For those who aren't familiar with the national bank, Chase Bank currently has more than 4,700 branches in the country.  According to its website, Chase Bank is "proud to serve nearly half of America’s households with a broad range of financial services, including personal banking, credit cards, mortgages, auto financing, investment advice, small business loans and payment processing."  This is a major financial institution that's making its way to the Sioux Empire!

This will be Chase Bank's first branch in the state of South Dakota.  The bank’s primary location will be situated on 41st Street next to the new Chipotle located near the Empire Mall.  The 57th Street location looks to be a secondary location for the bank.

Who knows what's coming next to the Sioux Empire!  My hope...Dunkin' Donuts!

What businesses do you want to see come to Sioux Falls?

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